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MathCoRe Lecture

Professor Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University, will give a talk on "Higher convexity for complements of tropical objects". It will take place on January, 30th 17:00 in G03-214.


Gromov generalized the notion of convexity for open subsets of R^n with hypesurface boundary, defining k-convexity, or higher convexity and Henriques applied the same notion to complements of amoebas. He conjectured that the complement of an amoeba of a variety of codimension k+1 is k-convex. I will discuss work with Mounir Nisse in which we study the higher convexity of complements of coamoebas and of tropical varieties, proving Henriques' conjecture for coamoebas and establishing a form of Henriques' conjecture for tropical varieties in some cases.

Lecture Series: Oberseminar IAG

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