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Open Positions

The Research Training Group will start on April 1, 2017. We have several openings that are to be filled on April 1, or later. The positions are open, until they are filled. The official openings are here:

Application procedure

There are two levels of application: the formal and absolutely necessary one to submit an application, and an informal, optional one to get into contact with possible advisors beforehand.

How to apply officially is described in the links above: send your application including letter of motivation, CV, scans of degrees and marks (for postdoc: also at least one letter of recommendation) in one pdf file to , putting in cc. There are going to be monthly meetings of the selection committee (usually beginning of the month), so we recommend to submit the applications as early as possible.

We also recommend to get into contact with possible advisors of your thesis. The research training group is a joint initiative of 10 principal investigators. Every PhD position will have two of them as supervisors, ideally with a topic in the intersection of two areas of mathematics. Here is a list of exemplary (meaning that also different ones are possible) PhD topics. The names correspond to possible advisors from the list of principal investigators. Feel free to contact them directly with questions concerning the scientific content.

Further information

Feel free and encouraged to contact the spokesperson or any of the principal investigators for further information. Want to know more about mathematics and Magdeburg? Have a look at this page (in German and for undergraduate students, but most aspects apply to a PhD as well).

Qualification scholarships

We also offer two qualification scholarships (of up to 12 months duration) for students close to or shortly after finishing their Master's degree in mathematics or a related area. Interested students should send a request to . Receivers of qualification scholarships are natural candidates to apply for a subsequent PhD position within the Research Training Group.

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